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Form 36 Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate

If you have recently purchased a property with a pool and as part of that process received a Form 36 Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate you have certain obligations to ensure your pool meets the current Queensland Pool Safety laws.

  • You have 90 Days to have your pool inspected, ensure your pool complies and obtain a Pool Safety Certificate
  • You may be liable for any repairs required to bring the pool up to current minimum requirements
  • You can not lease your property out without the Pool Safety Certificate.
  • If you fail to comply fines of up to $16,500 for individuals and $82,500 may apply.

What do you do?

Contact us immediately to arrange your pool safety inspection. You only have 90 days to bring your pool up to standard.

Selling A Property

If you are selling a property, it is better to have a Pool Safety Certificate. It gives buyers piece of mind about the quality of the property and that there will be no additional surprises to bring the property up to standard.

If your pool fence will not comply with the new laws, still have an inspection completed, we can arrange for 2 independent quotes for repairs that you can pass on to buyers.

This will help you achieve a higher price by removing doubt from a buyers mind.

Download a Form 36 Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate