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Real Estate Agents

You need to be aware of the new pool safety laws and how they apply to you! Failure to comply with these laws may mean a breach of the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act.

Sales Agents

Non-shared pools (most private pools) require a pool safety certificate before entering a contract of sale. If there is not one at this time the sellers are required to inform the buyer that there is no pool safety certificate by giving the potential buyer a completed Form 36.

If a certificate is not available before settlement the Form 36 given to the potential buyer before the contract was formed will suffice unless the settlement date or other information on the form has changed. In this case a revised copy of the form must be given to the buyer.

Where a property is sold, if the seller does not provide the buyer with a certificate, the buyer must obtain a pool safety certificate within 90 days of settlement.

Please think before you instruct your sellers to "just issue a Form 36". You may put yourself at risk if that is your professional recommendation. Buyers may be scared off bythe level of work involved to repair a fence or pay less for a property becaue it does not have a Pool Safety Certificate.

For a small inital inspection fee, we can also arrange 2 quotes. Your seller may not go ahead with the work, but at least you can pass these on to prospctive buyers, giving them reassurance about the cost of repairs.

We can arrange to work with your sellers to meet these requirements. Simply call us or have them call us.

Property Managers

For non-shared pools prior to entering into a lease a pool safety certificate must be obtained from a licensed pool safety inspector. Shared pools (eg those in a body corporate) have 90 days to obtain this.

Your owners are at risk if the pool fence is not compliant with the new law and you may be in breach of the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act.

Pool Fence Reports can assist you:

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